【Lost Horizon】Shangri-La Joseph Rock Route Trekking 10 Days
Day 10
Country China
Altitude 4760m
Currency CNY

Lost HorizonShangri-La Joseph Rock Route Trekking 10 Days

Group Size
Daocheng Yading

8-25 persons
9 Groups

Rock's rock.jpg

“Rock's rock “ -Yading 1928   


“Rock's rock “ -Yading 2019

In 1928, the Austrian-American explorer, Mr. Joseph Rock started from Sichuan Muli and crossed Yading, after completion he published his articles and photographs in the National Geographic magazine for this trip. In 1933, the British writer James Hilton used the articles and photos of Joseph Rock to create a famous novel - Lost Horizon, Xanadu" described in the novel is called as “Shangri-La".

This trekking route will follow the footsteps of Mr. Joseph Rock, re-take the route from Muli to Yading, walk through the hinterland of Shangri-La region, look for the Lost Horizon”, and get close to three holy snowy mountains in Tibetan Buddhism, finally you will have the experience the remote sights of forest, lakes and holy mountains in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


1 Shangri-La Experience -explores the mysterious region in the Shangri-La, treks in the holy lakes and holy 3 peaks, have a real experience in Lost Horizon

2 Value for Money- covers the core scenic area of Daocheng and Yading, the perfect combination of trekking and travelling

3 Logistics Service- Each member only need carries small bag during trekking and meals and hot drinks are well offered



From May to October 2020, 9 fixed departure groups, group size 8-25 persons

Day1 arrive in chengdu and Day10 back chengdu, 10 days

5,880CNY/pax in Standard Group, 6,280CNY/pax in Comfortable Group

Additional 500CNY cost applicable to Group7 of national holiday period

Group 1: 2020 05.28—06.06Mountain Flower Season

Group 2: 2020 06.17—06.26Mountain Flower Season

Group 3: 2020 07.09—07.18

Group 4: 2020 07.30—08.08

Group 5: 2020 08.20—08.29

Group 6: 2020 09.10—09.19

Group 7: 2020 09.28—10.07National Holiday

Group 8: 2020.10.10—10.19

Group 9: 2020 10.21—10.30



D1 Chengdu

D2 Chengdu-Muli by transportation

D3 Muli-Dulu Village by transportation

D4 Dulu Village - Buddha Cave

D5 Buddha Cave Wanhua Pool

D6 Wanhua Pool - Xingguo Cattle Farm

D7 Xingguo Cattle Farm - Snake Lake

D8 Snake Lake - Daocheng

D9 DaochengKangding by transportation

D10 KangdingChengdu by transportation


DAY 1 Arrival at Chengdu and Gear&Equipment check

Arrival at Chengdu and Gear&Equipment check, our manager will hold a briefing with members, also sign the agreement. Then you can walk to the famous Kuanzhai Alley area and also enjoy local food such as hot pot, noodle and Dofu budding etc.

Chengdu Hotel


Kuanzhai Alley

Food: Self-responsible

Accommodation: Chengdu Hotel , twin-bed room

Altitude: Chengdu 500m

DAY 2 Chengdu-510KM-Xichang-240KM-Muli

After breakfast, set off and go to Xichang via the beautiful Yaxi Expressway, it passes through tunnels and bridges all the way. After Xichang, we continually go to Muli County and enjoy the beautiful Yalong River along the way. Muli was starting point of Mr. Joseph Rock did in 100 years ago, it is also the last purchasing station in our trekking trip.

Xiaojin River   


Muli County

Food: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Muli local hotel , twin-bed room

Time: 10 hours by driving

Altitude: Muli 2,265m

DAY 3 Muli-210KM-Shuiluo Town-10KM-Dulu Village

After breakfast, transfer to Shuiluo Town via local bus. The road conditions to Shuilou Town are poor and challenge, arriving at Shuiluo in the afternoon afterwards transferring by local jeep to Dulu Village. The Dulu Village is located in a low altitude and beautiful mountain. It is the last village before entering the mountain.

Shuiluo River


Dulu Temple

Food: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Dulu village home stay or camping

Time:   8 hours by driving

Altitude: Dulu village 2,450m

DAY 4 Dulu Village-7KM- Start Point-10KM- Buddha Cave Camping Site

After breakfast, shortly local jeep trip then starts our trekking trip! Your backpack will be handed over to the housekeeper, you only need to carry your small bag to trek into the mountain. Walking along the Baishui River, then enter the primitive forest, you will meet the towering trees, standing rocks and waterfall, the elevation gradually rises, will arrive at the Buddha Cave Camp by the evening.

Baishui River


    Buddha Cave Camping Site

Food: Breakfast and Dinner

Accommodation: Buddha Cave Camping

Time: 5 hours trekking for 10km

Altitude: Buddha Cave Camping Site 3,400m

DAY 5 Buddha Cave -5KM-Manchuo Cattle Farm-6KM Wanhua Pool Camping Site

Starting at 8 am in the morning, continue to walk through the primitive forest, straightly across the forest to reach a large beautiful meadow, shortly arrive in Manchuo cattle farm where we can see the holy mountain: ShaNuoDuoJi. Continue to trek for 2 hours and arrive at the 4200M camp under the first mountain pass.


Wanhua Pool Camping Site

Food: Breakfast and Dinner

Accommodation: Wanhua Pool Camping

Time: 6 hours trekking for 11km

Altitude: Wanhua Pool Camping Site 4,200m

DAY 6 Wanhua Pool Camping Site -5KM-Mountain Pass-7KM- Xingguo Cattle Farm

Today's scenery is quite beautiful, but also a challenge day! We will climb up from the southern slope of ShaNuoDuoji Mountain and cross over the 4,683 meter mountain pass. After crossing, will go down to 4,100 meter level then go up a 4,400 meter forest pass, finally down to Xingguo Cattle Farm under the southern slope of YangMaiYong, a famous holy mountain.

Crossing Mountain Pass

Xingguo Cattle Farm

Food: Breakfast and Dinner

Accommodation: Xingguo Cattel Farm Camping

Time: 7 hours trekking for 12km

Altitude: Xingguo Cattle Farm 4,200m

DAY 7 Xingguo Cattle Farm-7KM-Black Lake-8KM- Snake Lake

Today's scenery is also very beautiful, firstly crossing 4 mountain passes with 4,500-4,760 meters , after the highest 4,760m pass, you will see the Black Lake meanwhile going down and pass by signature Butterfly Stone, go up and go down the Snake Lake mountain pass (4,690meters), finally arrive in Snake Lake, will camp at beautiful lakeside where you can see two holy mountains: YangMaiYong and XianNaiRi.

Snake Lake Camping Site   


                                           Snake Lake                                              

Food: Breakfast and Dinner

Accommodation: Snake Lake Camping

Time: 8 hours trekking for 15km

Altitude: Snake Lake Camp 4,400m

DAY 8 Snake Lake-3KM-Songduo Pass-2KM-Milk Lake-5KM-Luorong Cattle Farm-88KM(driving-Daocheng

Departing at 8 o'clock in the morning,will across the Songduo mountain pass at 4760m altitude. There are the flying prayer flags and the large number of tokens on the ground. Thereafter, you will enter the Yading Scenic Area, passing the Milk Lake, the Five-color Lake, go down to the Luorong cattle farm, the trekking is completed now! From there, you can take small tourist bus to Chonggu Temple, then take big tourist bus to leave Yading Scenic Area. Afterwards, all members will be transferred to Daocheng County for overnight stay.

Milk Lake


              Chonggu Temple

Food: Breakfast and Dinner

Accommodation: Daocheng local hotel, twin-bed room

Time: 4 hours trekking for 10km

Altitude: Daocheng 3,750m

DAY 9 Daocheng-340KM-Xinduqiao-79KM-Kangding

Today you will have a beautiful sightseeing on the bus trip for Daocheng region. You will pass by the red grass land, Haizi Mountain, Litang Town, the beautiful Xinduqiao Town, and climb over the mountain highway pass to Kangding city. You can enjoy hot spring in Kangding.

       Daocheng County

Kangding City

Food: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation:   Kangding local hotel, twin-bed room

Time: 9 hours driving

Altitude: Kangding 2,800m

DAY 10 Kangding-61KM-Luding-240KM-Chengdu

We return to Chengdu from Kangding by Luding Town, Erlang Pass and Yaan Town , arrive in Chengdu normally before 17:00pm. The unstable road conditions in western Sichuan would contribute to the high risk of traffic jams, therefore it is recommended that you make your leaving Chengdu in the next day.

Food: Breakfast and Lunch

Accommodation:   Self-managed

Time: 7 hours driving

Altitude: Chengdu 500m


1 Transportation: all transportations mentioned in the itinerary

2 Trekking permits

3 Accommodation: all accommodations listed in the itinerary

4 Camping charges

5 Camping: trekking tent (200cm*100cm*100cm size) for 2 persons of standard group; or high mountain tent (220cm*190cm*120cm size tent) for 2 persons of comfortable group

6 Catering: 12 Lunch&Dinner and 9 Breakfast as specified in the itinerary. 5 trek lunches are only for comfortable group. The trekking dinner will have 3 dishes with hot drinks such as hot water, coffee and tea. The trekking breakfast will have hot drinks, bread or pancakes, eggs or Ham etc. Please tell us beforehand if you are a vegetarian.

7 Horsing: public and personal equipment carrying during the trek, personal baggage limit 10kg for standard group, 20kg for comfortable group

8 Equipment: dining tents, cooking tents, toilet tents, sleeping pad, tables, chairs, fuel, stoves, cookware, tableware, warm water bottles, solar charging panel, first aid kits, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, emergency oxygen and other consumables

9 Staff: 1 English-speaking trekking guide for 8-10 members

10 Trekking organization fees

服务标准2020年 英文版.JPG


The member of comfortable group is able to enjoy one twin-bed room in Day 10 which is applicable to herself/himself and cannot be exchanged for cash or another date.


1 Flight airfare from and to Chengdu,China

2 Visa to china

3 High-altitude trekking insurance

4 Yading ticket, Yading tourist bus and sightseeing car

5 Personal equipment and horse riding

6 5 trek lunches of Day4-Day8(Standard Group)

7 Room fare difference by requesting a single room and a single tent

8 Personal Expenses: Telephone, Internet, Laundry, any Alcoholic beverages


Backpack: Backpack 40-60L, small bag 30L

Sleeping bags and clothing: Sleeping bag (comfort rating -5 degrees), Waterproofjacket, Fleece jacket andtrouser, Down jacket, Fleece cap, Waterproof gloves, 2+pairs of socks

Shoes and otheraccessories: Sunglasses, Stick, Thermal mug(0.5-1L), Hiking shoes , Gaiters, Sunscreen (SPF35 and above),Headtorch (with spare battery), Raincoat, waterproof bag for protectionsleeping bag.



Canteen tents (400cm*400cm*190cm), tables, chairs, cookware, food, fuel, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, emergency oxygen and medicine. Camping tent and mattress for members.   



Each member should have prior hiking and camping experience, the high altitude experience would be a plus.



The prepayment 2000CNY should be paid 45 days before DAY 1 for the reservation your place. The remaining payment should be done before the departure of Chengdu. All payments will NOT be refundable after trip starts due to personal reasons.


Attention please, if the trekking permit is unable to proceed, of course we would inform you once it happens, you may change to the same departure date of Daocheng-Yading Trekking, you also can cancel the trekking by getting full prepayment refund.   Masherbrum doesn’t accept any claim for compensation against your decision.    


    Inquiry - Application document and qualification check Prepayment - Trip ready


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